In the developer tutorials, expect to come across the following terms:

The amount of money being paid by the customer.
Merchant Mobile Number:
The mobile number that was used to open the Merchant’s VirtualBank Account. This is the mobile number the merchant uses to log into the VirtualBank Account.
Instant Payment Notification (IPN):
Information that is securely sent to the Merchant by VirtualBank to confirm that a payment was indeed made. This is an additional layer of security. The IPN is sent using an HTTP POST web service and contains the Transaction ID of the payment, the Mobile Number of the person who made the payment and the Amount the customer paid. The IPN is sent as soon as the Online Payment is made
Return URL:
The URL a customer is directed to after successfully making an Online Payment.
Payment Details:
A description of what the payment is being made for. An example of what goes here is a description of the product being paid for and the quantity. This description shows up on the customers’ VirtualBank Statement and helps them identify what it is they paid for.
Anyone who collects Online Payments. In this tutorial, we shall use the term Merchant to refer to anyone who uses VirtualBank to process the payments being made to their Online Store.
Anyone making an Online Payment. In this tutorial, we use the term ‘Customer’ to refer to any using VirtualBank to make an Online Payment. In this tutorial we shall use the term 'Customer to refer to the person making a donation.

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