About Us

We make it possible for those who do not have bank accounts to make online payments.

We also make it possible to send remittances to people without bank accounts. We achieve this by making it possible for Africans to use mobile money to make online payments and by allowing those in the Diaspora to send money directly to the intended recipients’ mobile money wallet.

Our Ambition

To be the leading internet payment platform in Africa and to promote the use of mobile money in Africa.

Our Customers' Problem

  • The formal market for money transfers to Africa is relatively young and faces the challenges typical of emerging markets. These issues include: Uncertainty about the volume of remittances
  • Limited competition
  • High transfer costs
  • Lack of technological innovation

Also, merchants and retailers have no capacity to accept online payments - the lack of access to credit cards to most Africans and the unavailability of a PayPal or Google Checkout alternative in a number of African countries has hampered the take-off of e-commerce in Africa.

The Solution

The VirtualBank platform enables those without bank accounts to make online payments using mobile money. We also make it possible for Africans in the Diaspora to use credit cards to remit money to those without bank accounts. The way we will do this is by creating a ‘VirtualBank Wallet’ for every one of our users so that they can move money between their mobile money wallet and their ‘VirtualBank Wallet’.

Why we are so hot

VirtualBank Africa is the first company to offer both these services in Zimbabwe. After proving our business model in Zimbabwe, we will roll it out to other African countries.